More Fridge Magnets Forced To Take On Extra Holiday Work Holding Up Christmas Cards

WASHINGTON—Due to limited household supplies of the decorative appliance accessory, more fridge magnets have been forced to take on extra work holding up Christmas cards over the holidays, experts reported Wednesday. “With the increased demands of the season, nearly half of American refrigerator magnets have been left with no choice but to hold down two, three, sometimes even four of the cards, which continue to arrive in staggering numbers,” said Brookings Institution senior fellow Jim Earnshaw, who added that many of the ferromagnetic devices were already busy securing takeout menus and jury summonses when they were suddenly called upon to handle the cardstock mailers urging peace on earth, joy, or a happy, healthy 2022. “There is an urgent need to display these images of children and pets belonging to cousins and former classmates—and unfortunately, there is no one to do it outside of these whimsical magnets that were purchased as souvenirs during vacations to a national park, a Caribbean island, or Las Vegas. The current situation is entirely unsustainable.” At press time, reports confirmed a spate of stress-induced breakdowns had caused thousands of magnets across the nation to fall off the refrigerator and split in half on the ground.

Источник: Lifehacker