Worst Traffic Jams Of All Time

Hundreds of drivers in Virginia were stuck for almost 24 hours earlier this week after a multi-truck crash was exacerbated by a blizzard. The Onion looks back at the worst traffic jams of all time.

Detroit, 1908: Three Model-Ts get stuck behind a slow horse in history’s first traffic jam.

Bethel, NY, 1969: The Woodstock Music Festival forces the town of Bethel to endure a gigantic days-long traffic jam as well as the outdated sounds of Sha Na Na.

Dad’s Work Commute, 1998: Bunch of rubberneckers never seen a fender-bender in their entire life, seems like.

New York, September, 2001: Those idiots shut down the Holland Tunnel during rush hour.

Des Moines, August 2005: Drivers face a barrage of wintery weather when planes carrying emergency snow to the mountains accidentally dumped their cargo in the middle of the interstate.

Chicago, 2011: Several motorists were stuck for more than 12 hours in the wake of Chicago’s first-ever snowfall.

Boston, 2020: Local resident Chris Jones used “I was in the worst traffic jam of all time” as an excuse for why he was late to the party he didn’t want to attend in the first place.

Oroville, WA, 2023: Millions of desperate people stuck in standstill traffic for days trying to flee the Ash.

Источник: Lifehacker