Grant County Services


Information and referrals

We connect people with services or resources, which will meet their needs or help solve a problem they are experiencing.

Independent Living Skills Training

We meet with individuals to develop independent living skills in areas such as personal care, coping strategies, individual advocacy, financial management, social skills, and household management.  We also provide assistance in navigating local transportation services, and applying for social service programs.

Youth Transition Services

We assist youth with disabilities (ages 14-24) in the transition from high school to adulthood and empower them to live more independently through advocacy, information/referral, peer support and independent living skills training. We also help youth with pursuing higher education, locating job and internship opportunities, and identifying social networking opportunities.

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• For more information, contact Joshua Hackney @ 962-9620 or

DSHS Youth Services Page
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Disability Right of Washington


There are plans to expand activities into other county doing craft projects and other group activities that will be posted on our web site showing location and time when to expect a upcoming activity. These are going to happen in local nursing home and public facilities and parks. So, keep an eye on our web site in late March to see what’s happening in other Washington County for health and wellness activities you can be a part of.
• For more information, contact Dan Witkowski @ 509-962-9620 or

Peer mentoring

We provide peer support through listening, teaching, information sharing, and other like services to our consumers.


We provide resources to help consumers secure housing and information regarding affordable and adaptive housing services.

Transition from Institutions

We utilize all of our core programs and services to assist individuals with disabilities residing in institutional settings to move back into the community.

• For more information, contact Gretchen Thatcher @ 509-962-9620 or

Community and Systems Advocacy

We advocate for services and programs that ensure equal access and quality community living options for people with disabilities.


We work with consumers on employment preparation (resume, applications, and interviewing skills) and identifying accommodations. We also make referrals to Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation and other job placement agencies.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation